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Littlest Pet Shop

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Littlest Pet Shop

Join BLYTHE and the pets to adopt and take care of over 200 virtual pets! Play with them in quests and stories based on popular entertainment episodes and characters! Expand your LPS city, and give gifts to your friends that will make your pets jump for joy!

Littlest Pet Shop App and collected pets accessible subject to App terms and conditions. Check App description and terms for details. Not compatible with LPS Your World app, or pets released in Fall 2014 or later. Game requires an Internet Connection. Littlest Pet Shop App works with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® running on iOS 5.1 and above, and select Android™ devices, running Android 2.3 and above.

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Each game is free to download and is available for a limited time. In-game micro transactions available but not required. Kids ask a parent first before going online, downloading or making in-game purchases.


Microtransaction FAQ

1. Is it normal for you to make a free game with in-app purchases that can cost more than $70? Can you really call a game like that free?

A free-to-play game is a free access game that allows a player to play and make progress in the game for free. If the player wishes, he/she can choose to speed up this progress or enhance the experience in other ways, but doing so is not necessary.

2. But the player will have to pay sooner or later, won’t he? And for kids, this means they’ll have to make their paretns pay. Isn’t that frustrating for a child?

Children have the ability to play and have fun within the game without having to pay. When they are given an option to purchase something, it’s always to enhance the experience, never a necessity.

3. So if nobody buys in-app purchases, how do you make money?

Free to play games allow more people to play the game, as the access to the game is free. The free-to-play business model offers users the choice about how to play the game. A player can play and make progress in the game for free. Or, if the player wishes, he/she can choose to speed up this progress or enhance the experience by purchasing something, but doing so is not necessary.

4. Do you test your games with children before releasing them?

Yes we do! We test our games on their core target audience in order to provide an enjoyable game to our players

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