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This LPS TRICKS AND TALENTS SEA TURTLE sure has talent! She's a champion surfer, and she can't wait to move those flippers and catch some waves! When it's time for the competition, she gets so excited! After a fun day of surfing, she loves to take it slow and chill by the shore.


It's a LITTLEST PET SHOP talent show, and all of the TOTALLY TALENTED pets can't wait to perform for you! Now your favorite talented pets are under the spotlight, and they love to show off their adorable stunts. Each of them has their own quirky cute personality that's unique to each pet. They're pets that do tricks decked out in superstar style, and they're sure to bring zany, delightful fun to any LITTLEST PET SHOP collection!
Other pets each sold separately.

Your LITTLEST PET SHOP Sea Turtle Can Do Tricks!

The LITTLEST PET SHOP TRICKS AND TALENTS SEA TURTLE pet is one of the TOTALLY TALENTED pets that can really do tricks! When you push down on her shell, she moves her front flippers back and forth, like a real turtle would. She comes with her own surf board so you can have your own fantasy surf contest, as well as a lei for her to wear and a fun tropical cup accessory! Surf's up!

Welcome to the LITTLEST PET SHOP World!

LITTLEST PET SHOP toys feature trendy and popular little pets with BIG personalities! They're sassy, silly, and all-around adorable pets that girls love to collect! With so many quirky cute pets to choose from, girls can build fun collections that are just as unique as they are!
Each sold separately.

Includes: 1 pet and accessories.


• This TOTALLY TALENTED sea turtle moves her flippers when you press on her shell!

• 2398 Sea Turtle

• TRICKS AND TALENTS SEA TURTLE pet comes with a surfboard, a lei and a cup accessory!

• So many pets to collect! Collect them all!

• Adorable TOTALLY TALENTED pets can't wait to put on a show with you!

Ages 4 and up.

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