LITTLEST PET SHOP TEENSIES Series 3 Pack (T159-163, 179, 184)

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
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There’s a beautiful world out there to explore, and it’s more fun with teeny tiny friends! This LITTLEST PET SHOP TEENSIES pack has 8 tiny pets for you to play with and have all the adventures you can dream up! Their friendly little faces and cheerful expressions will make everything just a little more magical. Enjoy the surprise, because one of your pets is a mystery pet!
Pack includes 8 pets, 11 accessories, 1 keychain bubble and 1 clip.
#T159 Flamingo
#T160 Parrot
#T161 Monkey
#T162 Armadillo
#T163 Bunny
#T179 Dachshund
#T184 Tiger
Ages 4 and up.

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