Littlest Pet Shop Sweet Delights Sweet Shoppe Playset

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
Item: A3681
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It's the sweetest, most delicious-looking playset that any of the pets have ever seen! And now is your chance to guide them through the entire place and show them all the fun they can have, and all the cool things they can do!

Welcome to this wonderful sweet shop! Buttercream Sunday bunny can't wait to give you a tour, so bring your pet friends on a ride through the shop!
You never can tell which way your pet friends will go. Drop them down the chute and they roll through the tubes. They can zig-zag down the candy shelves or roll into the gumball machine ride! Turn the lever and they can slide down the slide!
Your pet friends can peek through windows and doors, and even play on the roof!

Includes playset, pet, 5 pet friends, pet token and accessories

Sweet Delights sweet shop just like the one on TV
Meet Buttercream Sunday bunny
Sweet Shop playset is full of surprises
Collect your fave LPS pets and play digitally!

Ages 4 and up.

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